What is Community Cash?

Community Cash is a surcharge-free ATM alliance allowing participating banks’ customers access to the combined ATM locations. Participating banks do not charge their own customers nor any participating bank’s customers for use at each other’s ATM terminals.

Are all ATMs of participating banks Community Cash ATMs?

Yes, if a bank is a member of the Community Cash alliance, then all of the bank’s ATM terminals are in the Community Cash alliance. 

Are the ATMs listed on the Community Cash website free to use?

You would need to be a customer of a participating bank to be able to access the list of ATMs on the Community Cash website at no charge.

How do banks join Community Cash?

For information on eligibility and the process of joining the Community Cash alliance, click here.

Is there a Community Cash app?

Community Cash is not available as an app because its website is set up to work on all sizes of electronic devices, from computer screens to tablets to smart phones. You can access Community Cash on any electronic devise through its website, www.communitycashatm.com, and then add it to your device’s home screen for easy access.

What do I do if an ATM needs to be refilled or serviced?

If a Community Cash ATM has run out of cash or is not working properly, contact the bank that the ATM belongs to. If the ATM doesn’t have a contact number listed on the machine, click here to jump to the list below for how to contact each alliance member’s Community Cash customer service. 

What do I do if I am a customer and have been charged a fee?

If you are a customer of a Community Cash participating bank and have been charged an ATM fee when using an ATM within the alliance, click here to jump to the list below for how to contact your bank’s Community Cash customer service about receiving a refund. Please note that you will need to start with contacting the bank you have an account with, not the bank that charged you a fee.

Community Cash Customer Service Contacts


Bank of Abbeville & Trust Company

randallr@bankofabbeville.com or (337) 893-0257 

Bank of Louisiana

(504) 889-9400

Community First Bank

(337) 365-6677 

FEDCorp Inc.


Fidelity Bank

customerservicecenter@bankwithfidelity.com or (800) 220-2497 

First National Bank USA

Charged a fee: bookkeeping@fnbusa.com or (985) 785-8411; for service: info@fnbusa.com or (985) 785-8411 

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company

michaelluke@gulfbank.com or (504) 330-6430 

Home Bank, N.A.

(866) 401-9440

M C Bank & Trust

(985) 384-2100, ext 3201 or 3253 

Metairie Bank & Trust Co. 

customerservice@metairiebank.com or (504) 834-6330 for South Shore and (985) 674-2255 for North Shore 

Patterson State Bank


Resource Bank

dmilton@resource.bank or (985) 801-0150

South Louisiana Bank

dlirette@ayeee.com or jbourg@ayeee.com 

State Bank & Trust

wendy.cheramie@sbtcajun.com or (985) 475-5826 

The Evangeline Bank & Trust

Charged a fee: (337) 233-2884, ext 2901 or 2902; for service: (337) 363-5541, ext 1246 or (337) 233-2884, ext 2904